Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Once I wonder whether the Oakley sunglasses is known to everyone, therefore I ask my parents that what do they know about Oakley sunglasses? My father said that it is just a thing to make you look more attractive and fashionable. And my mother thought although it could protect our eyes, it is not in a good look. After that I wonder whether the elder are more likely to ignore or misunderstand sunglasses. Considered about this, I ask my classmates, and things came out differently.
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     Young man is always chasing the fashion. This saying was came from one of my teacher. So whether the cheap Oakley sunglasses is known more by young man, for those shining girl and boys? Things are exactly the same to my assumption. All my classmates know lots about sunglasses, including how to choose one and how to preserve them or even other professional knowledge. So we could see from this phenomenon that Oakley sunglasses is a large fashion event among the young people. But we can not deny there are also many senior citizens who know sunglasses very well. But let’s talk about the former event first.
     Actually, a number of old people regard Oakley sunglasses just as a trifle stuff, and they do not know any other function of it except the function of decorating. There are people who even think they are quite ugly and it is impossible for them to accept or even buy one and put on it. It also could be seen from the phenomenon that lots of the elder people are likely to criticize the kids if they come home with a big sunglasses putting on his or her head. Those people do not think it is beautiful, on the contrary, they think it is rather ugly.
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     So it is evident that cheap Oakley sunglasses is popular among young people but not among ole people. In fact, it could reflect that our economy is developing faster and faster so that many new things come into our eyes, thus bringing lost of conflicts between the old things and new things. Young people are more likely to accept the new things, such as Oakley sunglasses, while the old people are not in an active way toward new things.

     It is the trend of time changing, and when the young men become old, it’s difficult for them to accept other new things. The time is changing and new things come with economic development. The development of sunglasses is also one part of time changing. In the following years, many discount Oakley sunglasses may come with totally different shapes and colors.
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