Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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Once upon a time, there was a pair of cheap replica Oakley sunglasses, which accompanied the master living a quiet life.
One day, the master’ distant relatives met each other in one place. The sun is burning, so the Oakley sunglasses of the owner and the Oakley sunglasses of guests on such a sudden encountered. When the host and guests were in the hot chat, two sunglasses began to chat on the side of the quietly. Guests of the sunglasses proudly told it: "I followed the host to many places, seen the sunrise on the sea, mountains on the sunset, vast grasslands, Pentium rivers, the famous tourist attractions, and a lot other countries, I was so happy and free.”
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Listening to the description of cheap knockoff Oakley sunglasses, since then, the owner of the sunglasses began to complain about their own life plain, as it didn’t see the beautiful scenery. Its life was so boring and it couldn’t visit many places. It just accompanied by this person usually to go shopping. This Fake Oakley sunglasses lost in day and night thinking. Finally, it could no longer bear, and began to force the body shake. Suddenly, it snapped to the ground, and could be happy. It felt that it could finally be free. It was wondering the life he wanted and looked forward to it.
However, things are not that simple. No matter how hard the sunglasses, it can not climb, let alone walk. At this time, the owner’ small yellow dog found it, and thought that Oakley sunglasses usually in the owner's nose on the cold eyes to see their eyes. I thought you have today. So the yellow dog started to bite the sunglasses, so that sunglasses were black and blue. When the the dog played it enough, it put the glasses on the side. The Oakley sunglasses became more pity and cried.
A mouse just passed by, and found the poor replica Oakley sunglasses. The mouse saw it shining lens, happily jumped up: "squeaky, give my child as the swing!" So, the mouse bought their sunglasses came back home. The murder of the hole, which couldn’t see anything. At this time, the sunglasses could not help but sad up, missed the day with the owner's life. It regretted and regretted what he had done. But it couldn’t change now. Who could help it? So pity sunglasses.
this way, sunglasses spent a long long night...
One day, the little mice dragged the sunglasses out of the cave. At this time, there was a person passing, the mouse scared to leave the sunglasses and then fled to the hole. The passerby picked up the sunglasses, and put on the lens, gave his grandmother. Since then,discount Oakley sunglasses began to accompany the grandmother stroll the park, the elderly will. It didn’t complain any more. Just felt very satisfied.
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From this story, we know sometimes we have to experience something and realize its meaning and reasons. Or we don’t cherish the present thing we possess. Whatever good or bad experience, which will be make us have progresses. We don’t complain it if bad experience. We also can have a good memory if good experience. The fake Oakley Sunglasses finally understood the quiet life is also a happy thing. It is not easy to get. In our real life, some people also like to admire other people’ life and have many complaints. In fact, everyone has its own happiness and difficulties. We ought to face it bravely. We should cherish our own life.
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